How To Treat Bruising

Do you bruise easily?

Easy Bruising
Bruising is when a blood vessel bursts under the skin, usually due to trauma.

However if you find you have been bruising without bumping into things and just being clumsy then a bruise can be a sign of weakened blood vessels (in the long run can result in an anuerism).

One simple reason for easy bruising is vitamin C deficiency. Healthy strong blood vessels require good nutrition and loads of vitamin C.


  • For 3 months take a powdered form of vitamin C as it absorbs better
  • Up your fresh seasonal fruit intake. Fruit is best eaten between meals
  • Drink loads of freshly made lemonade (with real lemons) and honey
  • Eat more raw vegetables

There can be more serious reasons for easy bruising, so make sure you rule out other causes.

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