Most health conditions can be treated successfully with herbal medicine and with a nutritionally balanced a regime. Each specifically designed for the individual. Herbal medicines are completely safe and suitable for all, from babies, toddlers to the most frail elderly when dispensed by a qualified natural healthcare practitioner. I am also able to help you with your children as a Pediatric Naturopath.


Greenacre Natural Therapies is located in Western Sydney. Easy access from Greenacre, Roselands, Punchbowl, Beverly Hills, Yagoona, Chester Hill, Lidcombe, Strathfield and Burwood and Liverpool.

Naturopath/Herbal/Nutritional Consultations

A one hour personal one-on-one visit in Greenacre, which includes iridology to identify any underlying illness, formulation of a herbal remedy to assist your body to heal, a nutritional program to build a stronger immunity, plus handouts and other relevant material. I also provide a follow up call to ensure any questions are answered between your consultations and to make sure your progress to health is on track and going well.


Fertility in males has decreased in the last 20 years by 40%. If that doesn't shock, you - IT SHOULD.

No longer can you and your partner just look at each other and get pregnant, gone are those days. That's my generation, when falling pregnant was too easy, too quick. Male sperm was healthy and strong. Female bodies were also healthy and strong and there was much less stress around. Food wasn't unnatural and fake/poisonous (like farmed fish).

Both men and women can have fertility issues. It's been a nightmare for most and IVF programs are profiting. It's a long, expensive, exhausting journey going through IVF. The hormones they give women make them crazy with stress, not to mention poor through expense.

Herbal treatments and lymphatic massage could be all you need to have a family of your own. Perhaps it's time you considered the natural solutions first and give it 3 months - that's all you may need. I have a very high success rate and usually get to watch my babies grow into young adults. Which is a pleasure. Book in with me today to discuss your fertility.

Nutrition, Weight Loss, the Nutritionist and the Naturopath

Naturopaths practice what we call holistic Nutrition. It's very simple really, we look into the whole body, past and present through history taking, Iridology and Hair Analysis. I then work out the nutritional imbalances if there are any, and treat by supplementing those imbalances with herbs, dietary changes, emotional release, resolving past trauma and food adjustments according to your body type - be it blood type or cultural background, which is very important.

In the last 31 years I have been in practice I've become very instinctual as to what my patients need. I am also happy to say if they just try it for a few weeks they will not regret it. The most important aspect in my work is to trigger the body to heal, and it won't heal if it's on a lot of medications possibly making things worse. Slowly and surely with your GPs help, we will remove unnecessary medications. Too many people these days are on unnecessary medicines.

My father entered aged care nearly 6 years ago at age 92. He was on five different meds. Within the month and with his GP onboard, I got him off all five. He is still in aged care, on nothing except herbs for his prostate, and supplements to strengthen his immunity against Covid. I refuse to weaken his system with a vaccine so he is not, and will not get vaccinated. He is soon to turn 98 on NIL MEDICATIONS, and that can be you.

I also closely monitor his diet there. I will not let them use cheap canola oil in his cooking and supply the good oils myself so he is getting the best nutrition possible. My role as a Nutritionist is the same as a Nutritionist I look into your health, diseases, illnesses, conditions, what food you eat and adjust accordingly. I get plenty of type 2 diabetics who never ever have to take medication again, and it's controlled totally with diet and herbal medicine. So is their blood pressure and any other underlying condition. If you want a longer healthier life, try seeing me and let's get started on improving your health and regaining your old self.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Removes cellulite and fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle yet effective body work. Patients who suffer with fluid retention (oedema), swollen arms and/or legs, cellulite and insomnia, can find great relief from their symptoms with lymphatic drainage treatments.

Lymphatic drainage massage works well for oedema related to surgery or injury. It is also effective for insomnia, constipation, polycystic ovarian disease, hormonal imbalances, nervous tension, chronic fatigue syndrome, poor circulation, and sinus congestion plus an effective way to detox quickly.


Imagine reducing your anxiety levels regarding your upcoming medical procedure, new job interview, exam, or major presentation and remaining calm, relaxed, and stress free prior, during, and after the situation? Would that be a good thing for you?
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Remedial Massage

Depending on your needs. Can be a deep or light tissue massage, to help iron out all those tight knots, aches and pains. Remedial Massage is extremely good for the elderly who suffer arthritis as it helps increase circulation to affected joints. You will be amazed how a remedial massage can trigger healing in all areas of illness. Remedial Massage is offered in half or one hour treatments. Can be claimed by your health fund.

Hair Analysis

Tests for your body’s food and chemical intolerances. We can test for most foods or substances your body may be reacting to.
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NEW - Online Iridology Analysis now available. A unique service to give you a full personal comprehensive report without you having to leave home. Quick and easy steps to identifying any underlying conditions you may have. See more here.

Gift Vouchers

Why not surprise a special someone with a Naturopathic Gift Voucher, a gift of 'Health and Wellbeing', or a half to one hour remedial massage gift voucher, which are also available.

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